S008 Temperature Sensor Tags with Handheld EPC Gen2 Reader System

RFID Sensor Systems manufactures a very economical system S008 for remote wireless readout of temperature using passive UHF sensor tags. This system includes "open air" ST050 and "metal mount" ST070 tags that are compatible with the RFID  Sensor Systems' handheld reader I003. The S008 system is targeted for applications where one or more of the following requirements are present: (1) a lowest cost sensor tag is desired, (2) the temperature will be sensed from a location that cannot be entered in the future, (3) the sensor tag will also be used to store ID, (4) the tag will be used to store user data such as point of origin, destination, storage history, etc, (5) tag data readout compatible with international Gen2C1 data formats is needed for supply-chain enterprise databases, and as a component tag within the RFID Sensor family expanding into a variety of sensor tags. The fully passive temperature sensor tag is expected to have a lifetime in excess of 30 years. The battery-assisted-power (BAP) RFID UHF tag provides an even greater readout range and permits temperature date logging at timed intervals. The lifetime of the BAP tag varies according to the frequency of tag interrogations and temperature logging. The S008 system includes software for temperature display on the I003 handheld reader screen,  and also on connected PC screens through USB cable.

The RFID Sensor team would like to work with partner integrators toward further customizing of our sensor based UHF RFID tags into specific applications in the 860-960 MHz frequency bands.

We are pleased to work with integrators and middleware companies using our long range passive temperature sensor tags.