About Company

RFID Sensor Systems, Inc. is a manufacturer and a value-added reseller of wireless RFID systems.  Our product mix includes specialty long range and standard tags with and without sensors,  handheld readers, and small turnkey systems with firmware and software.  All of our products are compatible with the international UHF RFID protocol EPC Gen2 class1 (ISO 18000-6c).  We have been developing wireless systems and MEMS sensors since 1996 as an R&D house.  In 2008 we have begun commercializing our highly innovative technologies.  The Company’s core management team includes highly experiences managers from both electronics and software companies as well as from leading academic institutions.  Our unique technology skills are in micro power CMOS circuits, MEMS sensors, UHF antennas, and small RFID systems.


Our mission is to provide Gen2 RFID systems as an OEM source for integration into larger systems, and also as a supplier of small, turnkey RFID systems.  Our low-end handheld reader with specialty and standard tags interfacing into a PC provides an excellent node which can be standalone or interfaced into larger enterprise systems.


We believe that innovative application of RFID technology will drastically transform business operations and information systems across a myriad of industries.  RFID technology will become pervasive, driving fundamental changes in enterprises globally.  We support open standards for the industry.  Our goal is to become a key contributor in the marketplace for innovative UHF RFID components and small systems.

Client Support Focus

We pledge to support our clients in every way possible and work with them hand-in-hand for successful installations, servicing, and systems growth.  Innovative support to our customers is foremost in our business model as we grow RFID Sensor Systems, Inc.   


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